Blackberry Storm 2!

storm-2 Blackberry Storm 2 due in September, has WiFi (source of picture) is a self-explanatory title. The Storm 2, like the current Storm, is coming to Verizon.

WiFi is a very welcome addition. But BGR reports that WiFi is not the only addition; the touchscreen also will be improved!

Unclear yet whether Big Red will offer an upgrade path to its loyal customers who own the current Storm (like me). While we’re waiting, you can read or join the speculation in this CrackBerry thread.

5 Responses to “Blackberry Storm 2!”

  • aj, 2009. But … the release easily could slip into 2010. I still remember the several months slippage of the release of the Blackberry Bold. It’s just too soon to tell at this early rumor stage.

  • Wow it sounds like a cool phone. The reason I did not get a storm was because it does not have wi-fi.Now I can picture my self having a storm2 on metroPCs(carrier) with a $50 a month plan and being able to take the phone around the world with its GSM capabilities.

  • WiFi is a welcome addition. This Storm 2 is coming to Verizon. VZW had a U.S. exclusive on the Storm, so I’m not sure if another U.S. carrier will be an option. However, the long-rumored Storm 9520 may come to Canada. If so that would be a GSM phone. But even if the 9520 doesn’t come to pass, it’s a good bet there will be a GSM + WiFi Storm in the near future that can be unlocked to work with U.S. GSM carriers such as AT&T. In the meantime, a long wait for the Storm2. While September is possible, my gut feeling is more like December. We’ll see …

  • To my understanding the storm supports GSM(has a GSM slot) as well as CDMA and buying a storm2 on ebay and modifying the baseband will allow me to switch carriers.

  • Yes, but I understand the 9530 has to be unlocked to use the GSM SIM slot. Not a big deal; at worst costs you a few bucks. While you’d have EDGE, you would not get 3GSM in the U.S. because the band is 2100 (Europe) not 850.

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