Is your ReportQueue reducing your HDD free space?


In What’s Happening?, Goodbye XT, Hello XT2 I told you that I sold my Dell Latitude XT to my employer (one of many) for a co-worker to use. Before giving the XT to co-worker, I of course cleaned up the HDD on my XT to remove my personal data and applications he wouldn’t need. When finished, I assumed that, with Vista, MS Office, and a few other apps, I should have about 90GB left on the 120GB HDD. Instead, I had 19GB.

I ran WinDirStat to see where all the space was being taken up. A folder called C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportQueue took up 65GB!! It contained hundreds of sub-folders with names beginning with Report .

Frankly, I had never even heard of ReportQueue. I resisted the temptation to delete first and ask questions later. Instead, I “googled” (I guess that’s now a word) ReportQueue. Basically, these files were generated by the Windows Error Reporting Service. This service captures information about a system crash that can be used to diagnose and prevent such problems.

This is laudable. However, I did not need these files anymore. My system crash days (caused by a video driver) are behind me (I hope).

Deleting these files is simple. You can use the Disk Cleanup tool. This tool is accessible from right clicking the C drive in Windows Explorer, choosing Properties, then the General tab. The Disk Cleanup tool has an option to clean Windows Error Reporting Service files (various check boxes depending on per user or system and queued or archived). I did this. Now the XT’s HDD has 90GB of free space instead of 19GB.

Since quite frankly I was unaware of this before, I’m passing the information on to you.

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