Transferring files to or from your mobile phone usually requires a computer.

Mobiadapter promises to enable you to transfer files between your mobile phone and a USB flash drive without a computer intermediary. The product page has a video showing the Mobiadapter in action.

The Mobiadapter’s connection to the phone is MicroUSB. Many phones have a MiniUSB connection instead. However, as the product page indicates, there are micro to mini adapters.

The product page also states that the Mobiadapter requires no drivers and works on all operating systems. However, I wonder how the Mobiadapter will work with a Blackberry such as my Storm. I haven’t found any definitive information yet on that issue. Nor have I found any information yet on price. But per the product page, the Mobiadapter is supposed to start shipping in mid-June 2009.

This is only a possible contender for my gadget bag. Partly it depends on its price, whether it works on a Storm, etc. To me, the more important issue is whether I really have a use for it, or whether this (for me anyway) is yet another solution in search of a problem.

I don’t need the Mobiadapter for my HTC Advantage. The HTC 4-in-1 cable already enables that Windows Mobile device to see a USB flash drive.

Assuming the Mobiadapter works on the Blackberry Storm, that device has a MicroSD card. However, getting files on it currently requires either an intermediary computer or email, neither of which is always feasible or desirable, particularly when out of the office and on the road. This way I could get a relatively large PDF file (hence email not desirable) and view it on my Storm. But I’m not sure how often this situation will really occur.

Also, when I get a MID, will I need the Mobiadapter for it? I suspect most MIDs would recognize a plugged in USB flash drive, and may only need a simple (and cheaper) adapter to address any connection incompatibilities.

In summary, an interesting device, but the jury is out on whether I really would have much of a use for it.

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