Upcoming Premium AT&T Blackberries – Onyx and Magnum

onyx The Storm 2 is coming. But that’s not the only premium Blackberry which is. Engadget Mobile has scored the internal AT&T photos shown here of two new premium Blackberries headed AT&T’s way, the Onyx and the Magnum. (If you click on the pictures the specs will be more readable).

CrackBerry has an excellent review of a pre-release Onyx, including photos and a video. The Onyx basically is a new and improved Bold. CrackBerry’s take:

“RIM has finally packed it ALL into one device with the Onyx — 3G, WiFi, GPS, 3.2 megapixel camera – and they’ve done it in a tight form factor. If you put the Onyx side by side with the BlackBerry Bold and compare the specs, you realize the triumph in engineering RIM has accomplished here. The Onyx is basically better in every way but has a much smaller footprint (though arguably the Bold’s extra width makes for a better keyboard and physically wider display that some users may prefer).”magnum

No release date yet. Though it appears the the Onyx will be coming sooner than the …

Magnum. This device is earlier in the production cycle than the Onyx. So details are hard to come by. But it appears that the Magnum will be a Bold with a touchscreen. 

Both look like strong competitors for Verizon’s upcoming Blackberry Tour.

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