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Viliv S5 MID and MID Watch told you about the Viliv S5. jkkMobile now reports in New UMPCs and a netbook coming from Viliv that Viliv will be showing at Computex in Taipei (June 1-6) additional S5 (and S7) models:

– S5, X70 EX and S7 MID with WiMAX modem and the Intel Atom Processor.
– S5, X70 EX and S7 MID with 3G HSPA modem and the Intel Atom Processor.
– S5 MID supporting the beta Window 7 at the Microsoft booth.
– S5, X70 EX and S7 MID with TD-SCDMA.

Not clear which if any is the Premium Air version with a SSD and 3G.

jkkMobile also reports Viliv will show 2 additional models at Computex:

– 10” screen MID (or netbook)
– 4.8” screen MID with keyboard

New MIDs and XP phones expected at Computex 2009 reports that Viliv is not the only company displaying new models at Computex. The so-called xpPhone looks interesting. It features WiFi, GPS, 64GB SSD, and a QWERTY keyboard that includes mouse buttons, a touchpad, and a number pad. Update: Tracking down the XPPhone (includes more specs)

The first half of June will be exciting for my MID watch. First, the details from Computex on the new Viliv models. Next, as reported in MID Watch, on June 11, Archos’ press conference on June 11 in Paris, when Archos may announce an Android MID based on Texas Instruments’ OMAP 3 platform and … dare I hope … a capacitive screen.

Viliv Press Release
Update: Some Viliv S5 MIDs shipping with viruses

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