Android and Windows CE Netbooks

imageMore Viliv MID News talked about exciting MID news at Computex 2009 in Taipei. But Computex is not just about MIDs. There’s also netbook news.

Of course, new Windows netbooks seemingly are announced every day. But Android netbooks? That’s still news. ECS has announced the T800 with an Android OS and a TI OMAP3 processor that we’ve been talking about a lot lately. For more details on the T800, see Slick VAIO P shaped device runs Android, powered by OMAP3 and ECS Announces Qualcomm-based T800 At Computex.

Both articles (which also a video) note the striking resemblance between the T800 and the hot Sony Vaio P. But the Vaio P runs Vista. Android should be snappier, have less hardware requirements (resulting in less cost), and extend battery life. Of course, it won’t run Windows applications. As usual, trade-offs. The choice, imageas often, depends on your planned usage for the device.

The Mobinnova élan is has a Windows CE OS! The élan uses NVIDIA’s Tegra chip, discussed at New MIDs and Netbooks Coming Equipped with NVIDIA Tegra. For more details on the élan, see First Tegra based netbook shown off- runs Windows CE and Mobinnova élan netbook runs fast and cool with NVIDIA Tegra.

For me, this is back to the future. Years ago I owned the NEC MobilePro, another Windows CE device called a Handheld PC (HPC). This is noted in the title Mobinnova: Long Live the Handheld PC (HPC), Powered by Tegra. Pocketnow’s take:

“The advantage of going with a mobile OS like Windows CE instead of Vista, XP, or a Linux variant is that the operating system is optimized to conserve battery. The Mobinnova supports Flash, web browsing, Office, and PDF viewing and editing. These are the basic and main features that people use their netbooks for anyways. Switching to a mobile OS will likely save juice. Unless you need highly customized programs, HPCs can be a worthy opponent to the netbooks of today.”

Fair comments. But to me, it remains unclear whether consumers will choose a network with a perceived limited rather than full-featured OS.

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