MiFi, Eye-Fi

imageWe’ve talked about MiFi. It’s a WiFi hotspot + a modem that connects to the Verizon network (or Sprint for its MiFi).

We haven’t talked about Eye-Fi. Eye-Fi is an SD memory card plus an integrated WiFi adapter. Eye-Fi enables you to take photos and then upload them wirelessly (no cables!) to your PC or the Internet (such as Flickr) provided of course you are in range of a WiFi signal.

Gadling gear review – Eye-Fi + MiFi + WiFi = wireless camera uploads reports that MiFi and Eye-Fi work well together. I may try this. Ummm … first though I better get a camera. And when I do, I better watch the picture size. VZW does charge for going over 5GB a month. And I don’t recall VZW offering “rollover” bytes.

Source (including picture): jkOnTheRun

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