Viliv X70

x70atom_02In my youth, the other guy got the girl. Now older, my focus has shifted (somewhat) from girls to gadgets. But sadly, the story doesn’t change. Now the other guy gets the gadget.

In this case, the other guy is James Kendrick, the JK in jkOnTheRun. I’ve written a lot recently about the Viliv S5. James laid his hands on a S5 with an SSD and 3G. See Viliv S5 With Integrated 3G is Here and Viliv S5 3G Confusion: When is a SSD Slower than HDD?.

Now the lucky dog has a Viliv X70. The X70 is similar to the S5. The main difference is the screen is 7” rather than 5”. This larger screen size of course results in larger overall dimensions. Other hardware differences are the X70 has an SD slot, integrated microphone and webcam.

Check out Mobile Tech Minutes: First Look at the Viliv X70 UMPC. It includes a video and a number of comments, the first by yours truly.

Almost one month ago James posted Viliv S5 UMPC vs. Viliv X70- Which One For You? At that time he didn’t have the X70. Now he does. Hopefully he’ll post a follow-up comparison.

3 Responses to “Viliv X70”

  • I bought it with 128Gb SSD,3G for only $425. New in the box at: Just enter the code part number: 411001011402 You’ll see. It’s low price, because they order direcly from the manufacture and they sells 7 days a week! You can comunicate in 4 languages by mesenger also, ship by UPS, DHL, EMS. They give tracking number and ship 1 day after payment done.

  • DON’T buy from that store! (they stole my money!) at: They don’t respond the date you pay, the date they become muted and never respond. ..Before paying, they respond emails, they chat with you daily if you want…after they become quiet as a fish! I don’t understand how they still having web page and in “business!” They have crooked business!

    • Angel, I also saw your posts on UMPCPortal and VilivBoys, and may have responded to one of them. I shied away from the offer because it just looked too good to be true. Nevertheless, I was hoping for your sake that it was legitimate. Sorry that it wasn’t.

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