Viliv X70 Wrap Up

image Viliv Choices is my most recent post of my recent love affair with the Viliv X70 and the Viliv S5. Unfortunately, like most of my past love affairs, I’ve been admiring from afar. You see, I don’t have either device. So I’ve been living vicariously, through JK of jkOnTheRun and Chippy at UMPC Portal, both of whom have both devices. Both have posted reviews and videos of both devices. The most recent is Chippy’s Viliv X70 EX UMPC Full Review with Videos. Viliv X70 + Streetdeck = great navigation also shows another use of the X70.

I really like both devices. However, I was hoping that Archos, at its June 11 press conference in Paris, would announce an Android MID, perhaps even one with a capacitive screen. Had it done so, I may have gone that route instead. Alas, that didn’t happen.

Archos did announce a number of interesting devices. The one closest to the X70 and the S5 is a 9” Windows 7 tablet. I’ve owned several 9” screen devices (Motion LS800, Fujitsu P1620, Dell Inspiron Mini 9). I consider the 9” form factor to be in between optimal sizes. 9” is too large for one-handed use, unlike a 7” device. However, a 9” screen is harder to read than a 10” screen that doesn’t translate to significantly extra size or weight.

Archos indicated at the June 11 press conference that it may announce an Android MID by September 15. But if you keep waiting for the next announcement of the latest and greatest device, you can wait forever. I suspect I won’t wait.

Not to date myself, but recently the Lovin’ Spoonful’s Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind has been playing in my mind. Unlike the song, I’m not trying to decide between two sisters, but instead two gadgets, namely the X70 and the S5.

Chippy may have helped me make up my mind in his Cellar Talk – 13th June with some very interesting observations regarding pixel density:

“I’m absolutely loving the X70 and it’s really raising my spirits about UMPCs. Usability wise it’s in a different (better) class to the S5 and that’s simply because of the lower number of pixels per inch. The Viliv S5 has 247 pixels per inch and the X70 just 170. I often talk about how to work around the problems of high pixel density with Windows and and the X70 and S5 highlight the difference. The standard-sized fonts are more readable both in handheld and especially in table-top mode, the UI is easy for the finger or stylus and the on-screen keyboard is far more comfortable. There’s no need at all to boost the font sizes (and effectively reduce screen real-estate.) It has to be said that if you want to stick with Windows, you’re going to need a 1024×600 screen and you’re going to have to keep the PPI below 200 which means using a 7” screen. The only way we’re going to be able to get usable operating systems on 4.8” screens at the same resolution is to make them especially for that screen size. Unfortunately for the Menlow platform, one of the best power/mobility platforms, you’ve only got Windows so for most people that means a 7” screen.”

Chippy also responded to a post from an interested reader (me): “As far as I’m concerned, there’s no difference in touch sensitivity between the two devices.”

Hopefully the X70 will be available soon at a less than break the bank price. I’ll let you know when I order it.

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