Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 vs HTC Touch Pro 2

imageThis post’s title (and the picture) are taken from an article of the same name. The article compares the just-released Omnia PRO B7610 we just discussed in Samsung Omnia II + Pro B7610 with an already available (in Europe anyway) device of the same form factor, the HTC Touch Pro 2. The article has a detailed comparison table. The verdict? Read the article! Actually, since different people give different weight to different characteristics (especially a tilt screen), the winner would depend on you. Interesting article on two impressive devices.

2 Responses to “Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 vs HTC Touch Pro 2”

  • Good information. Today I just got a Samsung Omnia SCH-i910 from the mail from ebay, and it at this time would seem that it is at stock settings to the Verizon Network. I strategy to use this mobile phone on Metro PCS. I also wish to put Windows Mobile 6.5 on here, but I’m not positive which order I need to do this in. Should I bring it to Metro PCS as is and have it activated, and then afterwards flash the ROM with 6.five? Or must I modify the ROM primary after which it carry it to Metro PCS? I’ve been looking close to and I’m unable to get the response to this.

  • 1 day old TP2 and owning some adjustment shock. I will seem completely thru this web site, nevertheless it is so different from my q and my palm 800 which were both largely the identical. Right now the only issue I truly comprehend is how you can access internet ( that is why I purchased it ) Creating calls recieving messages is tougher, moving photos to TP@ so I can use it as a viewer seems impossible. I can move them but i want them being simply found for the device. Studying curve I hope is all.

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