HTC Whitestone


The HTC Touch HD seemed like my dream Windows Mobile device, with its 3.8” WVGA screen. Alas, it did not support US 3G. As unfortunately often these days (e.g. Toshiba TG01), Our European brethren got all the WinMo large screen fun 🙁

Finally HTC may be giving us North Americans some WinMo large screen love. wmpoweruser reports that the HTC Whitestone has just shown up on the Bluetooth Certification site. The Whitestone’s specs (still at the rumor stage) include a 3.6” resistive WVGA 800×480 touchscreen, 512MB/256MB ROM/RAM, Qualcomm 528MHz processor, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a 5MP camera. The OS is Windows Mobile 6.1, which presumably is upgradable to 6.5 The integrated kickstand is a nice feature so you can use the Whitestone on a table top.

The Whitestone apparently is coming to Verizon. It also may be a world phone like the Blackberry Storm and include a GSM radio for Europe.

Don’t despair if you are on AT&T or another North American GSM network. The HTC Firestone is a highly similar device that  (hopefully) will support North American GSM and 3GSM frequencies.

The Whitestone is a nice device. But its specs seem a bit underwhelming these days, with AMOLED screens and Tegra and Snapdragon processors.

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