Motorola Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth Headset

image Motorola has just released the Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth headset. The HX1 is a direct competitor to the Aliph Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset.

The woods are full of premium Bluetooth headsets. Well, the stores are anyway. Motorola differentiates the Endeavor HX1 as being the only one with “true” bone conduction technology. The headset has a so-called "Stealth mode” which (according to Moto) is used by special military forces. You activate this mode by touching a button. This switches off the conventional microphone and turns on an ear sensor. This ear sensor picks up bone vibrations and converts them to speech. The advantage is elimination of outside noises which would be picked up by the conventional microphone.

The Jawbone headsets do something similar. They pick up vibrations from outside the face by contacting with the jaw bone (hence the product’s name). The problem is that the headset must be positioned just right on your face. Of course, not everyone has the same size face, or facial bone structure. Supposedly, the third generation Jawbone Prime series has fixed this problem.

The Endeavor HX1’s sensor is not on your jaw bone. It’s in your ear. So it won’t have the same issue as the earlier generation Jawbones. Of course, it may have different problems; accurately converting speech from bone vibrations can’t be easy whether the vibrations are coming from the jaw bone or the ear. I dunno; this entire technology is way beyond me.

In any event, the Endeavor HX1 is set to be released in Asia next month (July). No word yet on a US release. But I don’t see why not.

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