US Texting Champ Crowned!


Since it’s Father’s Day (here in the US anyway), it’s only fitting to talk about yet another story that illustrates the Generation Gap. MobilitySite reports in Girl Crowned US Texting Champ, End of World is Nigh on the L.G. National Texting Championship held in NY last week. Indeed, the interview with the winner, Kate Moore of Iowa, was in texting-speech:

CNN: Do u ever get in trubl in skwl 4 txting 2 much?

Moore: haah just once or 2ce, teachers hv seen it and taken it away…lol that sux when that happens tho.

My comment: OMG.

Texting is just another aspect of the generation gap. Indeed, the article points out:

“LG has been using texting in much of their recent advertising, including putting a Text to Normal Speech translator ‘for parents’ on their web site. They have been attempting to appeal to a younger demographic by painting TXT as the language of hip youngsters, while we old fuddy duddies still use lots of letters and other silly things in most words.”

I’m definitely a member of the fuddy duddy generation. Yet, I find texting useful. Texting is an excellent way for me to reach my 20-something kids. They sporadically answer their cell phone when I call. However, they invariably and quickly respond to my texts. Their explanation? They don’t have to interrupt whatever important thing they’re doing to text as they would to answer the phone. My reaction: How rude! That is, until I thought about when I’m the recipient of the communication. I’m often teaching or in a meeting where it’s difficult to answer a phone call but no problem to view and answer a text in a free moment. I guess it’s an advantage of asynchronous over synchronous communication.

Nevertheless, I agree with the conclusion of the MobilitySite article after reviewing the transcript of interview with the texting winner: “Be afraid….be VERY afraid. Now if you’ll all excuse me, I have to go and bleach the parts of my mind that understood that.”

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