AT&T Femtocell


VZW Femtocell in the house! told you back in January 2009 about my purchase of the Verizon Wireless Network Extender, a femtocell. A femtocell is  a small cellular base station which connects to your cell phone service provider’s network via your home’s broadband connection (thus bypassing a weak over the air signal) and broadcasts a strong signal through your home.

However, a femtocell is specific to a carrier. Therefore, I still had to wait for one by AT&T, the carrier for most of my family’s phones. And I’ve been waiting ever since. Well, now there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

AT&T femtocell to launch by end of the year (the source of the picture) reports that AT&T’s femtocell should be ready by year end 2009. Similar to Verizon’s femtocell, the AT&T unit should covers approximately 5,000 square feet and allow up to four concurrent voice or data connections. No word yet on pricing, though my guess is about $200 based on the pricing of the Verizon femtocell.

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