Archos Android Smartphone in your Pocket?

image We’ve talked about HTC’s new Android smartphone, the HTC Hero, and that it’s coming to the US. We’ve also kept our eye on another Android smartphone on the near horizon. This one will be from Archos, to be announced by September 15.

Details on the Archos Android have been few and far between. Now there’re a few more. Pocket-lint reports that Archos’ Android will have a 5” screen. This size is significantly larger than the 3.2” screen on the HTC Hero. 

You know I like large screen phones a lot. But I’m concerned that 5” may be too much of a good thing from the standpoint of the device being pocketable.

A larger screen necessarily translates to a larger device. And phones, unlike MIDs, really must be pocketable. The 5” phone I currently have, the HTC Advantage, is barely, and perhaps uncomfortably, pocketable. Reports are similar for a 5” MID, the Viliv S5.

Perhaps the Archos Android will be more pocketable. The primary reason I find the HTC Advantage not very pocketable isn’t its height or width. Instead, it’s its thickness. Like the Jethro Tull song, the HTC Advantage is Thick as a Brick. Per HTC, the Advantage’s thickness is 16mm, or 20mm with the keyboard. Per Viliv, the S5 is an even more hefty 24.4mm. By contrast, the Pocket-lint article indicates that the thickness of the Archos Android is a comparatively svelte 10mm.

There may be other important differences between the HTC and Archos Androids. But I suspect that the main one will be size, both screen and overall device. The choice between the two may come down to bigger is better – unless it’s too big. We’ll have to wait for reports from those with the first test devices on whether the Archos is comfortably pocketable.

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