Viliv X70 Purchase … and the S7

imageI sprang for the Viliv X70 Premium 3G with a 128GB SSD at Dynamism’s July 6 online pre-order event. The 128GB SSD probably was overkill (and over-priced). However, I’ve learned the hard way through other devices that a 32GB SSD is not large enough for my usage. A 64GB SSD would have been perfect. But that wasn’t an alternative.

Since I was one of the first 777 to order, Dynamism threw in a free standard battery, car kit, leather pouch, and protective film. That softened the financial blow somewhat.

The X70, the “free” accessories, and a few other accessories I ordered (extra charger and stylus and some cables for video and TV out), have a scheduled ship date of July 28. Once I receive the X70, you can be sure I’ll put it to use right away and start posting about it.

Of course, as soon as I pressed the order button for the X70, Viliv announced another 7” device …

The Viliv S7. It’s basically an X70 in a convertible rather than slate form factor. There are several models. The top of the line will have a 2.0Ghz Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB SSD, 3G and Windows Vista upgradable (free) to Windows 7. It will be released initially in Korea. But if the X70 and its smaller sibling, the S5, are any indication, the S7 should be coming to America (or Dynamism anyway) soon thereafter.


Pocketables and jkkMobile have more information on the S7. And jkkMobile teases: “They have some secret goodies on the flagship model which we can reveal when the demo device is here.” Some guys have all the luck.

So does the S7 cause me buyer’s remorse. No. I’m a slate guy, remember? But for those of you who prefer convertibles, the S7 is a very interesting netbook choice.