Dumb iPhone Apps

image I must be in an iPhone bashing mood today. Or maybe it’s just the news. Anyway, The 10 dumbest iPhone apps is hilarious. iNap@Work could get you fired. FatBurner2k won’t burn fat. Cow Toss (pictured) will get you in hot water with PETA. And FlickABooger … no comment.

3 Responses to “Dumb iPhone Apps”

  • I don’t know — “Hold the button” could really give you a nice thumb workout, maybe even increase your texting effectiveness. Build up some lean muscle.

  • Maybe it’s the attorney in me, but I see “Hold the button” as giving rise to a potential lawsuit for a variant of Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

    iNap@Work is my favorite. Maybe the developers will port it to BlackBerry.

  • Cool. Thanks for putting up this. Its always great to see someone educate the community.

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