Storm (2) Watch

image Blackberry Storm 2! reported 3 months ago that the successor to the Storm will be coming to Verizon the end of this year with WiFi, an improved touch screen and OS 5.0.

BlackBerry 9550 is the Storm 2? now tells us the model number for this Storm 2: 9550. Ho hum. But then tells us that a GSM version of the Storm 2 “does in fact exist and could possibly be released relatively soon.” That’s big news. If true. The so-called 9520, a GSM version of the original Storm, was expected earlier this year, but never materialized.

While we’re waiting for the Storm 2, you can follow the advice of Crosby, Stills & Nash that “if you can’t be with the one you love (Storm 2), love the one you’re with (your Storm 1)” …

The unofficial Storm OS upgrades slowed down after Verizon (finally) released the .148 OS. Finally there’s a new OS version, and it’s official. Iusacell, a Mexican carrier, has released a .151 version. You just delete the vendor-specific file, vendor.xml, and install. See the CrackBerry Storm OS forum for further details. The toughest part of the upgrade was filling out the Iusacell form to obtain the upgrade, since it’s in Spanish. I just installed it myself, so it’s too early to report much other than my Storm still works. However, reports by others on the CrackBerry Storm OS forum are mostly positive.

Picture Credit: Blackberry Storm 2 due in September, has WiFi

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