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I haven’t posted recently because, since my Plan A (finding a rich woman to support me) hasn’t worked (yet anyway), I’ve had to resort to Plan B (working 18 hour days), leaving little time (or energy) for this blog. Nevertheless, in my spare moments (of consciousness) I’ve tried to improve the appearance of this blog while keeping its appearance simple and uncluttered (basically because I don’t know how to make it more complex and cluttered).

I’ve cleaned up and enhanced the widgets on the right sidebar. The first widget has a link where you can follow me on Twitter (in case you’re really bored) or add this blog to your RSS subscriptions (in case you’re really bored). I’ve also added a menu on the main page and a contact me form. Additionally, each post now has a ShareThis link so you can share my posts with your friends (or enemies) via email, Twitter, etc.

Just because I haven’t posted lately doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on a number of posts. It’s just they’re still work in process. I will post them soon, including:

  • My efforts at SEO (search engine optimization) to increase the number of readers of this blog (which shouldn’t be too tough).
  • Putting through their first paces the Viliv X70 and the Viliv S5 which should be arriving in about 10 days from South Korea if Kim Jong Il doesn’t start a war there first.
  • My never-ending battle with Vista (until Windows 7 arrives in October).

Talk to you soon. And if in the meantime you know of a rich woman whose taste in boy toys includes overweight middle-aged gadget geeks, please feel free to use the Contact Me form.

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