3GSM MiFi Coming to North America


More MiFi told you about model 2352 for European GSM networks. But no MiFi love then for North American GSM networks. The only North American model was the one I have, 2200 for Verizon and Sprint’s CDMA networks.

MiFi 2372 with AT&T and Rogers-friendly HSPA gets official that the model 2372 is coming to North America for GSM networks! The 2372 is very similar to the 2352, except for support of the 850MHz 3GSM band.

No word yet of when AT&T will be offering the 2372. Presumably soon. And as More MiFi told you, the 2372 has more features than the 2200. Yet, I suspect I’ll stay with the 2200. For me, Verizon is a more reliable network than AT&T. Warner Crocker at GottaBeMobile agrees: “Of course this just means that AT&T’s network will continue to crumble around its ears once they make these available.”

[Press release and picture source here]

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