Viliv X70 Delayed 2 Weeks


Dynamism was supposed to ship my Viliv X70 today. But no. I just this email from Dynamism. It’s long so I’ll just give you the pertinent parts:

“Thank you for your recent order of the Viliv X70. We had hoped to be emailing you with the tracking number, but unfortunately that is not the case. Our shipment has been delayed by the factory. For the record, the delay is due to a components shortage: the recession has been less severe than suppliers expected, and MIDs have been especially popular this year. These factors have led to constraints on some components. We are sorry about this delay.

….We estimate the delay on our first shipment to be about two weeks (August 11th), although we are hoping for less.

We will send another update within the next week….”

Time to recite my Patience prayer: “God give me patience. AND I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!!!”