My Report Card of Dynamism’s Handling of Viliv X70 Shipment Delay

image Viliv X70 Delayed 2 Weeks told you that I learned from Dynamism that the shipment of my Viliv X70 has been delayed 2 weeks due to overseas components shortages. These delays happen, particular to those of us who lust after cutting (bleeding?) edge devices. But different vendors handle differently how they communicate (or don’t) these delays to their customers. And how they handle this influences whether I continue to do business with them. So here are my rants thoughts of how I generally evaluate customer service, and their application to my experience with Dynamism.

Tell the customer – Believe it or not, some don’t. One large computer company which shall go nameless burned me several times. I wait and wait for my order. I finally log on to my account. The order is cancelled. No notice, no reason. I never got this kind of treatment from the ups near Me, where I grew up. Maybe it was a different time then, but I sure miss the common-place respect.

Tell the customer the truth – One large online vendor which shall go nameless also burned me several times. I’m told the shipment is delayed a few weeks because of an overseas dock strike. The strike ends. A few weeks later, I’m told the shipment will be delayed another few weeks because the transport ship broke down in the middle of the ocean. Next time there’s a dock worker strike here. Or Somalian pirates hijacked the shipment. ENOUGH!

Tell the customer before the customer asks you (or don’t wait until the last minute) – So far I would give Dynamism high marks. But I was a bit critical of Dynamism on this score because they didn’t announce the delay until the day shipment was supposed to occur. But to be fair, I asked my contact at Dynamism. Here’s his reply:

“To give you a better idea of what happened (at least from my understanding), we did find out last Friday that there *might* be a delay with the Monday shipment from Viliv (but they would know more Sunday night).  Then we found out Monday morning that the units would definitely be delayed, but didn’t have any specific details on *when* they would ship until yesterday (when we sent the mailing).  We would have liked to (and should have) sent the mailing 24 hours earlier, but again didn’t want to send an update without providing some timeline for delivery.”

Fair enough. Dynamism wanted to provide a definitive update, and circumstances prevented it from doing so sooner. Still, waiting until the last minute … So maybe a B+.

If the customer does contact you, make it easy, not hard – We’ve all experienced the frustration of having to navigate through different levels of outsourced customer service hell to try to get a straight, unscripted answer. Here I give Dynamism high marks. My experience is they promptly return phone calls and emails, and the response is informative, not some canned script.

What do you look for in customer service?

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