Viliv X70 and S5 Shipping Update


Viliv X70 Delayed 2 Weeks told you that I learned from Dynamism that the shipment of my Viliv X70 has been delayed 2 weeks due to overseas components shortages. Apparently there will be no further delay. I just received an email from Dynamism telling me it will ship the first X70 orders this week. However, in the you have to take the bad with the good department, hot on the heels of the first email I received a second one that my Viliv S5 order, scheduled to ship this Wednesday, has been delayed 2 weeks because of – you guessed – a component shortage (screen modules). Read on for details.

X70 Email – “We’re pleased to be reporting some good news (unlike last time!) on delivery of the Viliv X70. The first batch has already shipped from the factory to us, and will be sent out this week. The second batch should be shipped as early as Wednesday, and should be shipped to fill all remaining orders by early next week … Shipments are ordered by when order was processed with us, and do expect all X70 preorders to ship by August 10th.”

S5 Email – “Thank you for your recent order of the Viliv S5 Premium. Unfortunately, our shipment, originally slated for August 5, has been delayed by the factory for two weeks. The delay is due to a shortage in the 4.8″ screen modules which have been in shortage due to the explosive popularity of MIDs. The delay should not exceed two weeks. So, we have a new estimated ship date of two weeks later, August 19.”

Though the second email is disappointing news, I have to give Dynamism a good report card for prompt and honest communication.

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