Viliv X70 – Shipping Today!

TrackingAfter my grading of Dynamism’s  handling of the delay of my Viliv X70 and S5 orders, and my last update, I learned that my X70’s shipment would be further delayed from today to next week.  But thanks to Dynamism’s customer service, the unit is shipping today and should arrive tomorrow . Here’s what happened.

A few days after I initially ordered the X70, Dynamism offered a $20 update to Windows 7 when it’s available.  The upgrade offer assured me I would keep my place in line. The only downside, other than the additional $20, was, for Microsoft licensing reasons, this upgrade changed my OS from XP to Vista. No problema, I thought. Comes Windows 7, I’d drop Vista like a bad habit.

Well, Vista bit me in the – nevermind – again. My X70’s shipment was delayed because it was … Vista. So I spoke to Dynamism and pointed out I would not have upgraded absent their assurance it would not affect my shipment. To Dynamism’s credit, it did the right thing, and agreed to send me an XP unit today, when my shipment would have been but for the “upgrade.”

So kudos to Dynamism. It’s actions like this that create and continue customer loyalty.

2 Responses to “Viliv X70 – Shipping Today!”

  • so you are getting an XP unit and not a vista unit? What about Win7?


    • Steve, welcome from Viliv Boys! I’m on my own to upgrade to Windows 7. However, the Windows 7 upgrade SKU Dynamism offered was the Home Premium edition. That edition is perfectly OK for most. But for my particular situation, I need the Professional edition (participate in domain, remote desktop sharing). Also, as a faculty member, I can get a Windows 7 upgrade relatively cheaply anyway. Hope this explains.

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