Viliv X70 – Partition and Parts

imageI started up my Viliv X70 which was delivered earlier today. No problems. I then checked the properties of my C drive. I expected to see 128GB of SSD goodness. Instead I saw 32GB. WTF? I panicked. I thought Dynamism shipped me a 32GB instead of 128GB unit when I made the last minute changes described here. But as usual, my mistake.

Turns out Viliv partitioned the disk: 31.25 GB (FAT32) for the C drive, 83GB (NTFS) for the D drive, and 5GB for a hidden recovery partition.

Why did Viliv choose 32GB for the C drive (other than to give me a heart attack)? Dynamism support’s educated speculation was this was Viliv could use the same image for both 32GB and 128GB units.

But I was correct about one thing. The spare AC adapter was missing a small piece that snaps on to the top of the recessed plugs on the adapter to extend those plugs sufficiently to plug into a power source. Dynamism support told me the spare AC adapters shipped by Viliv were missing this part, and Dynamism would coordinate with Viliv to rectify this.

Hopefully now I can start playing with the device without more of these interruptions.

4 Responses to “Viliv X70 – Partition and Parts”

  • Very disappointed to find this situation myself, though my power supply was intact. Interestingly, my partitions came diferently: 110Gb for C:, and 6.82 for the Recovery partition. Maybe they don’t use the same image for the 32’s and the 128’s.

    I am impressed with the hardware so far, though. And willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But my patience only stretches so far.

    • I also have a 128GB unit. However, my OS is XP. Is yours Vista? If so, that might explain the difference in partitions.

      • Yes I did opt for the Vista at the last minute. Much to my chagrin. I was lured in by the promise of the “free upgrade to Win7” with which I’ve had good results on slower processors. Meanwhile, Vista is just a dog on the EX70.

        And I was hoping that MAYBE the recover partition might be XP, but it was not, it’s Vista. 🙁

        Since supposedly Microsoft says that a Vista license entitles you to an XP downgrade if you want, I’m following that up with Dynamism, they’re being very helpful in that regard.

  • Just found out about the AC adapter. Anything I can do about it?

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