Viliv X70 – (Partition) Size Matters

imageViliv X70 – Partition and Parts told you that Viliv has divided my 128GB SSD into three partitions: 31.25 GB (FAT32) for the C drive, 83GB (NTFS) for the D drive, and 5GB for a hidden recovery partition.

To my (probably incorrect) way of thinking, dividing up a 128GB SSD so the C drive was only 32GB active partition defeated the purpose of obtaining a large (and expensive) 128GB SSD. So I wanted to combine the C and D drive into one, large C drive. However, I wanted to leave the 5GB hidden recovery partition alone since it is my failsafe (I hope).

I used Acronis Disk Director since I already own it and am comfortable using it. There are of course other (and free) alternatives.

The operation was lengthy but smooth. In the famous words of our 43rd President, mission accomplished! The C drive is now 114GB. There still is a D drive, but only about 15MB.

Now for the next step (gulp) … changing the OS from XP Home to XP Tablet PC. It sure would be easier if I had access to Windows 7 RTM. But I don’t. Instead, I have to wait for Windows 7 when it is released (at retail) to the huddled masses yearning to breathe free (of Vista).

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  • Congrats. I got my 32GB version today, and started it up this evening. So far, I notice the back of the machineis getting warm, what seems to overheating, and I believe so far, resulting in the WiFi going in and out. I also notice to my dismay, the text is tiny for my feeble eyes… working on solutions for both.

    I ordered a copy of Win 7 in case I decided to install that, but I have a copy of WIn XP Pro that I may use. I presume the 5GB partition contains the OS image, since no OS disc was in the package.

    I’ll try to keep up with your blog and report any discoveries I make as well.

    • I have the same issue with the WIFI. I don’t believe it is related to the heat build though. I believe it is a problem with the antenna on the wireless adapter. I am unable to see my wireless network with the X70 from power on in a location that I have no issues with a Nokia N810. I looked in the adapter configuration for an option to boost the signal strength but could find none.

      The problem I am having with the heat is a fluctuation in the screen image. It makes it very hard to read.

      I am also having an issue with the GPS. I have not looked into it much yet. I am assuming it is on COM2 but there is no documentation on the GPS. I was unable to get Streetdeck to connect to the GPS.

      • Ken, I resolved my WiFi troubles by doing a complete system reset. Actually I had to because I was playing with a touch screen setting and accidentally set it to only work in the top half of the screen… anyway, I could not do anything useful and I could not revert from that so I reset it. Now, my WiFi is working flawlessly, and downloaded all the windows updates. I suspected the antenna as well, but in the end, I wonder if it isn’t a flaky system driver or something, that when I reset, reset the driver also… anyway, mysterious but it’s working.

        I notice the heat when the hard drive / processors have been operating for a while. I haven’t yet used the device consistently enough to notice any screen anomalies from heat, but I’ll keep a watch for it.

        I haven’t used the GPS, but I do recall it’s in COM2… check Device Manager… I believe I saw it listed in there as being on one of the 3 COM ports.

  • Hi Maneswar. I haven’t noticed the heat issue yet. But I was very distracted yesterday so may not have noticed it. So I will be on the watch for it, and report back.

    The text is a bit tiny. I downsized the resolution to 800 x 600, and upsized the fonts. Still on the hard to read side, as with you. I’ll also look into this and report back.

    The 5GB partition is for recovery. Dynamism support confirmed.

    Thanks for offering to report back. I’m also going to play with the X70 further this weekend, and continue to post.

  • Hi GK,

    I misspoke earlier… the rear of the machine starts to get warm after a bit of use, but it’s not too hot to the touch, or anything like actual overheating. It is just noticably warm.

    I was speculating that heat may be the cause of the Network being dropped frequently. I’ve done some searching and it seems the same issue has plagued prior MID’s / small devices which incorporated the same hardware. Some people report issues, others don’t seem to have problems. I have now mucked around enough that I cannot get the device to connect to my wireless at all… sitting 5 feet from the router. More work to do obviously.

    Don’t bother with the 800 x 600 resolution because the vertical resolution will remain consistent and you still won’t be able to read anything. Instead:

    Turn on Accessibility settings and adjust the font sizes using the wizard.
    Switch on the 120DPI setting in display settings. Also in display settings, adjust the appearance and create a new theme with larger fonts for the various dialogs.

    That will get you close to a truly legible display… but some things will still be too small. Also, the 120DPI setting may be useless in the end because i know some software will complain and act irregularly with font / dpi deviations from the windows standard :/ .

    I need to do something with the Keyboard and Touch Screen… I believe there are settings somewhere to adjust both somewhat… so I’ll be digging into those.

    All in all, I like the X70, but it clearly could have used some user input… an easy to grab handle on back or on the side (I use the N800 stand as a place to wedge my hand to grab the device); an easier to hold stylus; a custom magnifier for the interface other than the accessibility one; options for different keyboards like you find on phones; other display resolution options; optional accessory bluetooth keyboard.

    More later, hopefully I’m not sounding deeply pessimistic… I do like the X70 and plan to use it for Midi on the road, and office work. I’ll need a real OS or drivers, for touch / writing functionality so I can use One Note / scroll, etc. Win 7 is on order, but I’ll keep working to get things the way I like.

  • Hi Maneswar. Thanks for the follow up. I haven’t focused much yet on the WiFi. I will get to that and report back.

    You’re right about the display resolution. I’ve already ditched 800 x 600 and am back to 1024 x 768. I’ve also dabbled with the Accessibility settings as you have. But as you say, you can only do so much. At the end of the day, it’s a 7″ screen.

    Re touch functionality, OneNote, etc., I’m in the midst of trying to upgrade to an XP Tablet PC OS. More on that by early next week. I’m proceeding very carefully, including (gasp) backing up. But now, off to a wedding. And my wife says I can’t bring my X70 🙁

    • PLease post your steps of how you installed xp tablet edition. I have a copy as well I want to install on my S5

      • Tim, article coming shortly, if not later tonight then likely early tomorrow.

        EDIT: Article now posted.

  • I agree about the heat, not too hot but a little surprising
    My Wi-Fi is quite slow, I don’t know why.
    A couple of keyboard alternatives are mentioned in the blog (link below). I might give one a go myself.
    OK, here it is, that took a while to find that!

    • Steve, and others,

      I reset my Viliv X70 and it fixed my WiFi issues, indicated abov in reply to Ken, but I don’t know exactly what or why. All I know is, now my WiFi seems to be working normally and at appropriate speed. I think it’s now pointing to a driver. I didn’t make any changes to the hardware.

      Thanks for the Keyboards… I’ll look into that.

      I’m wondering if I want to just install XP Pro on there to get full touch functionality or wait till October / November for Win 7 to arrive.

  • A reset is interesting. I have already put so much on my Viliv that I am not sure I want to do that – but it is certainly worth bearing in mind. Good find!
    Win XP Pro – No, go for the full monty, Win 7
    The things that need to work are the wi-fi, Bluetooth, modem and all buttons esp the screen rotation. (I think the only problem there will be the propriety Viliv button drivers – especially without a keyboard to fall back on while booting!!!)
    As long as the above works on win 7, I will soon try the install. I’ll try the Win7 upgrade advisor first and see what it says.
    PS. Let us know if you try the other keyboards.

  • Hey Ghengis,

    Where did you post the articlecan you send me the link.


    • Tim, see “Viliv X70 – Upgrading XP Home to Tablet PC Edition without an Install CD” about 3 articles up from this one (click the barbarian on the banner to go back to the main page). FYI, I’ve now nuked that upgrade and have upgraded to Windows 7 for reasons explained in “Viliv X70 – OS Clean Start?” Still some issues I’m working through. Plan to post on the Windoze 7 upgrade by this weekend.

  • Hi

    I’m working with the GPS normally. The settings are COM 2 and 9600 Bauds


  • Dear All Viliv x70 Users,

    This is Adnan here from Bangladesh. My email ID is – and web profile is on I am putting my little effort to solve all of yours problem with Viliv x70 driver finding nightmare that I have gone through since I bought my unit from “” back in September 2009. My unit is the “128GB SSD + HSPA Modem Premium Air” model. I have collected tested and assorted the full working range of driver for my unit. Here what I have to say about my work-

    Driver Link:

    1. Leave XP and start using Windows 7. I am using the windows 7 RC V6.1 Build 7227.x86fre SP1 (Ultimate 32 Bit). It works fine. Just make sure to turn of the auto update feature in case you decide to use the RC version. Although I have received the free update offer with my purchase from “www.” with which soon I am going to update.

    2. I have put the whole driver pack into a single .rar file in order to upload and download conveniently. For your convenience the drivers folders are marked/named in sequential order so that you can start installing them from no. 1 to till end.

    3. Install a fresh copy of “Windows 7” using an external USB DVD drive. Caution-Don’t upgrade from XP/ Vista. I have bought an ASUS external DVD burner for this reason because I have spent a big chunk of my saving on this so why go cheap. During the installation, wipe out all the partition from the installation window where it ask for where to install “Windows”. Then using the advance option, create a 20-30GB primary partition. After finishing the installation use the “Windows 7”’s own partition manager to create the rest of the Logical drives.

    4. At first after installing “Windows 7” unpack the driver pack in to your hard disk then go to the “Device Manager” and look for the “Unknown Device” and start installing the “eco_io_control” located at the “1-System Driver” folder

    5. For WiFi, Bluetooth and Webcam install “Viliv Manager” (11 No. Folder) first then turn on WiFi, Bluetooth and Webcam all option “ON” in the “Viliv Manager” then install WiFi, Bluetooth and Webcam.

    6. If you prefer that you are going to use the supplied “Cube UI Software” then my suggestion is you should try using the “Microsoft Origami Experience Pack 2”. Personally I do not prefer using OS cover up software. For me “Windows 7” is great. But for the sake of the experiment I prefer, tried, used and tested “Microsoft Origami Experience Pack 2”. I think it works even greater than the “Viliv” supplied “Cube UI Software”. “Cube UI Software” is usually non responsive time to time and the graphics is way below my acceptance level. Don’t use “Microsoft Origami Experience Pack 2” and “Cube UI Software” simultaneously otherwise it will conflict and will slow down or might even crash your OS. But in both cases you need to install “Adobe Air” and “Adobe Flash Player ”

    7. Always try to follow the numbered driver folder to install the drivers. Even inside the different device driver folder there are in some places several files to be installed and for your convenience I have renamed them sequentially so that you can install them properly.

    8. Now for the soft keyboard issue I prefer you to install the “Viliv” supplied soft keyboard as a backup plan. But for better performance I suggest “Comfort On-Screen” Software Keyboard. It is highly customizable and it has a very intuitive user interface. After installing the “Comfort On-Screen” Software Keyboard, right click on the keyboard and click “option”. Then under the advanced TAB load the pre configured setting file from the installation folder “Optimal Setting” that I have created for your convenience. After loading just uncheck both “Lock” option under the “On Screen Keyboard” and “Floating Window” TAB then adjust the keyboard on the bottom edge of the screen and the floating button with bottom right hand side corner of the screen. Then “Check” both the lock option again and you are done.

    9. Now for the 3G Modem driver software. This one gave me the most pain to resolve. It took me almost 3 weeks to find the right software for this and still it was lacking/ incomplete regarding built-in voice calling capabilities. I had to do a little bit of scripting to turn the original “Acer Timeline” laptops software to work with “Viliv”. Which include enabling voice calling feature, call record feature and also the logo of “Viliv”, sorry I could not remove the Software title which says “Acer” but working on it. After installing the modem software replace the “config” folder and “logo.png” under the “C:\Program Files\Acer 3G Connection Manager” with the provided one in the driver package folder.

    10. At last I did not tried the “Viliv X70”’s GPS capabilities at its best. But I suggest you can use “Google Earth Pro” with it for better performance, which I provided with the driver pack.

    11. Last but not least, there is always something better yet to be found. So if you can find it before I do please let me know so that I can also get benefit of it.

    Sorry if I bored you but I tried my best to make you struggle less for your beloved “Viliv X70”. Let me have your opinion emailed to my mail box.

    Driver Link:

    Take care, Adnan.

    • Dear Cadnanr
      he link does not work.
      Please I need to recover the partition of 5 Giga and then use all the disc which is 32 G. Probe with Ghost and Acronis, but got results. Thank you to assist

  • Dear All Viliv x70 Users,

    I am using viliv70(128gb).
    The power supply cut while installing the virus software, and it did not start.
    When the restoration is variously tested, the partition of recovery has been broken. If it is not possible to format it on the way even if the clean install is done from dvd of windows7, it is not possible ..error [gadete].. to install it. Please help someone by ..asking impossible.. agreement.
    Please Can I download the image disk(acronis or Norton Gorst etc )?

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