Viliv X70 – 3G Modem Speed Results


Here are the results of my speed test using the X70’s 3G modem with an AT&T SIM in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Not bad. Voice calls also work as reported by Chippy of UMPCPortal (See Voice Calls on X70). Here are the settings I used:

Initialization string AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","wap.cingular"
APN: wap.cingular
Password: CINGULAR1
Phone Number: *99***1#

Viliv support’s S5 Premium 3G Activation through AT&T tells you how to set up Viliv’s Mobile Partner software. Mobile Partner on the X70 evidently is a bit different than on the S5, but close enough.

Hope this helps!

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  • Have you had success with the X70 router and AT&T?
    I see the details required vary from the S5. Try as I might, I haven’t been able to get mine working. I have voice (telephone) and texting but I get two different things come up when connecting: –
    Error 678, Computer not responding, OR
    I need to register before it will connect

    I would also like to ask about the GPS unit. The iNav I installed says it can’t find one at all, and I don’t see it on the system hardware list. Also, did you get the extra connectors for the Multi input/output port. I recall seeing mentions of those cables being included.

    • Steve, I’ve also had the registration error. In Mobile Partner, Tools > Options, choose Network on the left pane, Registration tab on the right pane. Sometimes I’ve needed to choose Manual, then Refresh and Register, rather than Auto. Hope this helps.

      I haven’t yet played with the GPS. When I do, another post 🙂

      I have both of the extra connectors (monitor and TV), though haven’t had a chance to try them yet. I don’t believe they were included. Rather, they were one of the accessories I ordered.

      • Well, FINALLY! I worked it out that I was being blocked by Window Firewall. I turned it off and it connected first time, albeit slowly – but I am in a bad reception area. I’ll give it a try at work tomorrow.
        I have installed the free version of Zone Alarm – which works just fine with the modem.
        Now how to get the Bluetooth to stay on while the modem is active

        Thanks for your help

  • Steve, congrats! I should have mentioned that I turned off Windows Firewall. Probably could also create an exception and leave it on but I was too lazy and impatient.

    Testing it in a good reception area is important. At home, where reception sux, a lot of false negatives removed when I went to Downtown, where my office is virtually on top of the West Coast internet backbone hub.

    BT seems to be tied to WiFi, and both seem to turn off when I turn on the modem. And vice versa. Not sure if way around this. Been busy upgrading XP Home to Tablet PC (yay! and subject of post soon). Please let me know what you find out re the BT vs modem issue.

  • Yes, I see your new post. Great coverage – thanks for that.
    I’ll carry on reading your excellent blogs on that thread.

  • Where do you enter the Initialization string? I don’t see that anywhere, but I put in everything else and it seems to be working. Web, voice and text.

  • I have to admit that I did not enter the initialization string but mine worked fine. I had to re-register the network, though, after updating the manager file – no big deal.
    With the new manager file update, everything seems fine now, wi-fi and Bluetooth working simultaneously with the Modem

    • Steve, thanks for the following up. Interesting regarding the initialization string. And yes, as I stated in a subsequent post. with the new Viliv Manager update, I get simultaneous Bluetooth and 3G, and even, FWIW, 3G and WiFi.

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