Viliv X70 – No Online Drivers or Software

imageViliv’s online downloads only are for the S5. No drivers or software for the X70.

I’ve confirmed this problem with Dynamism support, Chippy of UmpcPortal, and JKK of jkkMobile. Each of them tells me that they are contacting Viliv to put the X70 software and drivers online.

Dynamism support told me that the same situation happened when it first sold the S5. It took about two weeks for the drivers and software to show up on Viliv’s support site.

The lack of online drivers and software is not a problem if you want to restore, say after an OS crash.  As discussed in Viliv X70 – Partition and Parts, there is a 5GB hidden recovery partition.

Rather, the lack of online drivers and software is a problem for me because I want to upgrade my XP Home to XP Tablet PC edition. This upgrade could well render the Viliv software and drivers non-functional if not delete them altogether. JKK indicates that the S5 drivers mostly work on the X70. He’s likely correct, but mostly isn’t good enough for me.

So I’ll just use the waiting time to get to know my X70 better. There is a lot to learn. And if Viliv takes too long to put its X70 software and drivers online, I may decide the skip XP Tablet PC edition and go straight to Windows 7.

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  • Hi,

    Have you figured out how to rotate the screen? The skimpy manual says C + Jog key, but when I do it, all I get is the music player coming up.


  • Never mind. Some updates I did hosed the rotation function and all I needed to do is reset the device. Rotation works fine now. Interesting, the Viliv cube interface looks like crap when rotated.

    • Brooke, glad you solved the issue. You are being kind in characterizing the manual as skimpy.

      • Yep, skimpy is an understatement. It could at least warn you not to set a password.

        I naively did that last night and discovered that the keyboard can’t be displayed on the login screen, so you can’t enter a password. (In my defense, I have a tabletPC and am used to logging in using the soft keyboard that displays on the login screen.)

        The only keyboard I have has an old-style connector, not a USB connector. So I had to run out to Fry’s today to use one of their display keyboards in order to log in to my X70 and then get rid of the password.

      • Brooke, thanks for posting about the login/password issue. It is a trap for the unwary. But it illustrates a problem. A user really should have a password for security reasons. But the unit does not come with a tablet OS, which would enable you to use the soft keyboard to enter a password. Viliv at least should have given a heads up on this issue.

  • you could perhaps do what this guy does in this post:

    He apparently uses software to extract the drivers then builds an OS install with those drivers built in.


    • Thanks Steve. I saw that post. I’ve used vLite before, albeit to slim down Vista, as reported in this blog a ways back. I may go the vLite route, but I would be more comfortable having online access to the X70 drivers and software. I’ll report back after I’ve researched this further.

  • Just a quick update: it turns out you can access the Windows soft keyboard from the login screen. You need to press the Menu and C button simultaneously. This brings up the Utility Manager, which you can use to display the keyboard (and also turn off the narrator which apparently is on by default whenever you bring up the Utility Manager.)

    Bringing up the Windows soft keyboard in this way is also useful when you are in portrait mode, since the Viliv keyboard deals with the reduced space by simply hiding some keys–a rather silly solution, if you ask me.

    So those of us who are running just XP can set a password and log in without an external keyboard.

    • Brooke, at least in Windows 7 RC, there is a button on the lower left which brings up accessibility options, including a OS soft keyboard. This helped me log in since my Viliv soft keyboard doesn’t work in Windows 7 RC.

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