Viliv X70 Online Drivers and Software Update

I posted Viliv X70 Drivers and Software Now Online last night and went to bed. I dreamed all night of slinky, sexy … Viliv drivers and software. So when I woke up, I checked out Viliv’s online downloads. Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

I first focused on #s 34-39 on page 1. #39 simply says that the S5 software can be used for the X70 except vilivManager. #38 is the software for vilivManager. 

The vilivManager link doesn’t indicate an update, and I don’t think it is. I installed the vilivManager software and rebooted. Just a quick check, but still no simultaneous WiFi and 3G. Worse, the vilivManager doesn’t display entirely on my screen. However, that could be because of my changes to get to a Tablet PC OS. Appreciate if anyone else can tell me if they have this issue.

#s 34-37 are drivers. #34, the driver for “EC_IO”, is interesting. Its page states: “This driver is not for recovered units. If you cleaninstalled [sic] your X70EX, install this driver at the very first to run Viliv Manager.” I’m still pondering what that means.

Next, since #39 says that the S5 software can be used for the X70 except vilivManager, I installed #31, i-viliv for S5 v1.2.1, the software update manager. It installed and ran fine. Indeed, it found updates for my graphics driver (Intel GMA 500), and recommended I install Touchside. I’m not sure if Touchside was installed before, and I somehow nuked it when I upgraded to the Tablet PC OS. Appreciate any input on that.

As I said in Viliv X70 – OS Clean Start?, my plan is to upgrade the OS to Windows 7. Even though drivers are now available, I’m going to follow the advice in Viliv X70 – Windows 7 on the X70 – Tutorial regarding saving my drivers. First I will revert back to the original configuration using the recovery partition so I start “clean.” I realize I will be doing a clean install. But first I want to save the drivers, and may have messed up something when I upgraded to the Tablet PC OS. Probably not, but why take chances?

I probably won’t get to the Windows 7 upgrade until the weekend, since during the week I have to work to earn money to pay for these gadgets.

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  • Quote” I have to work to earn money to pay for these gadgets.”
    !!!Yeah. Ain’t that the bummer!!!
    I never had all the trouble you guys seems to be having with the Win 7 install. I upped my EEE (from Linux), an HP TX2000, HP MN8200N desktop, Fujitso 1610 – and even my Tablet Kiosk went reasonably well.
    But this X70 seems like a world of pain at this point.
    One comment I will make about the X70 and XP: I am truly amazed at the standby (‘sleep’ they call it) and wake up times. None of my other XP machines were anywhere near so quick. Is it just me or have others noted this?
    PS: Just what does Viliv mean by some of those things your noted???
    Remember the some time back when we used to get stuff imported from the far east. The instructions were always good for a laugh.

    • Yes, I too am used to instructions such as “please to be turn page.”

      The Win7 install certainly is not for the faint-hearted. I hope to post an article this weekend on it. Still working out some kinks, but basically all the important stuff I’ve checked so far (WiFi, BT, 3G, etc.) appears to be working.

  • Mine didn’t come with Touchside installed… first time I ran the viliv update software it offered it, showing no previous version.

    • meh, I think in the original XP Home install my X70 has a Touchside folder under Program Files. But the update program indicated Touchside was missing and installed it.

      I ran the Touchside calibration. It was weird. I had to touch multiple times, for a seemingly long time, before the calibration point moved to the next spot. But the calibration made a big difference, particular at the upper corners.

  • please help me. i am not an expert and i can not find how to recover my most stupid investment to the stage it was before updating iself

    • Pano, your post doesn’t say what the issue is. However, if you’re the same Pano who posted on UMPC Portal, you stated in pertinent part: “I turned it on and it started a series of automatic updates. After ages it restarted itself and the touchscreen does not work.” Your post doesn’t say what your OS is. If it’s XP, then make sure you didn’t activate the hold button. I made that mistake once 🙂 If your OS is Vista or Windows 7, then please advise, as my advice will be different.

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