Zune HD Pre-Ordered

imageI’ve pre-ordered the Zune HD (32GB) through Amazon. It’s supposed to ship September 15.

I don’t listen much to music. I rarely watch videos or view pictures. My taste in radio is mostly sports talk. So why did I order the Zune HD?

As you know, I’m a sucker for the next great gadget, especially one with a capacitive screen. The Zune HD is the next great gadget, and it has a capacitive screen. But that alone wouldn’t be enough.

The Zune HD has a web browser and WiFi. I have WiFi at home and work, and WiFi often is available at other places I find myself. Where it isn’t, I have my Verizon MiFi. So I could easily access my feeds through Google Reader and catch up on the news. The Zune HD also is integrated with social networks, so I could access Twitter. I also could use the Zune HD to listen to podcasts.

Additionally, I do like music. My taste is mostly in oldies, since I am an oldie, as my students often remind me. I also like country music, because no matter how bleak my situation, I’m usually better off than the subject of the song. However, I don’t listen much to music. The main reason is the lack of a good way to do so when I’m not at home or in the office. Using a computer is cumbersome. But the Zune HD is compact. It also has an HD radio for live streams. 

I could use my BlackBerry Storm for most if not all of these purposes. But the Storm really doesn’t do a great job of playing music, videos, etc. That’s not a criticism. The Storm is not an entertainment device. Instead, it’s a phone and business productivity device.

OK, I confess I’m justifying a purchase I want to make. But I do think I need to expand my rather limited entertainment horizons. So I’m going to give the Zune HD a try. If it doesn’t work out, I imagine I can find a worthy recipient, assuming in the meantime my wife doesn’t appropriate it in the name of the people (i.e., her).

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