Fixing Green Tint on Screen

imageGreen may be good for the environment. But green is not good when it’s the tint on your computer monitor.

All of a sudden my monitor had a distinctive green tint. Additionally, when I wanted to highlight text in Microsoft Word, colors such as yellow were missing.

I didn’t recall changing any settings. I checked the display settings in Control Panel and on my monitor. Nothing had changed. What’s going on?

I suspected a hardware failure. My monitor is no spring chicken. Maybe it’s going bad? Or my video card is.

Before opening my wallet for yet another computer-related purchase, I did a Google search. The search identified two potential culprits. The first was a loose video card. The second was a loose video cable.

I checked the second first because I didn’t have to open up my computer case to do so. Sure enough, the video cable connection to my computer was loose. I fixed it. Green tint gone. Colors like yellow now available to highlight text.

In retrospect, in moving my computer tower, I evidently loosened the video cable connection.

While I feel a bit like a doofus, I’m sharing this with you, my readers, since, based on my Google search, this is a more common problem than I would have thought.

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