Blackberry Storm 2 Video Review

image CrackBerry has a video comparing the upcoming Storm 2 to the current Storm. Yes, the Storm 2 has WiFi. But the focus of the 8 minute video is on the differences in the touchscreen technologies of the Storm 2, the Storm and the iPhone. The bottom line is that the reviewer is very enthusiastic about the Storm 2’s touchscreen.

Most of the other differences also concern the screen. The screen is integrated with rather than detached from the surrounding frame. And the call, menu, back and end buttons at the bottom of the screen now are part of rather than separate from the screen.

The Storm 2 will come in two models, as the Storm does now, but one is significant for North America. 9550 is CDMA, for Verizon, and the successor to the current 9530. But the long-promised 9520 is GSM, for AT&T. The current Storm GSM model, 9500, has 3GSM frequencies, but for Europe, not North America. No word on 3GSM support for our European cousins.

I’m eligible on November 21 to upgrade my Storm. And the Storm 2 likely will be available around then. Will I upgrade? I wasn’t planning to. WiFi is nice, but I seem to get along well without it. But the improvements in the screen may be another story. The rickety and not always responsive nature of the Storm’s screen has been its weak spot (to me). And besides, how can a self-respecting geek continue to carry around a yesterday’s news Storm when his peers have a Storm 2?

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