Become a Windows Flasher


No, not that type of flasher. WinToFlash enables you to create a Windows install on a USB stick from, typically, the install DVD. This is convenient, especially on small devices, when you don’t have an internal DVD, and an external USB DVD isn’t available, or you don’t want to cart the burner around from device to device when performing multiple installs.

I haven’t tried it. But JK of JKOnTheRun reports success. Interestingly, a comment to his post reports an alternative, described in this article and shown in this video. (There’s also this guide).

Of course, you’ll need a USB stick of sufficient size (8GB should do the trick), and to set your BIOS to boot off the USB stick before the hard drive. And (duh) you’ll need the OS install DVD as a source and (duh duh) a license key for each install.

Happy flashing!

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