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Many of us plan to leave Vista in our rear view mirror and upgrade to Windows 7 after 7 is released on October 22. You should be able to do an upgrade install of Vista to 7. This means that your applications and their settings also migrate to the OS. In other words, you avoid the headache of reinstallation.

However, what about us XP users? There apparently is no upgrade install path from XP to 7. Instead, XP users have to perform a clean install. This means you need to reinstall your applications, which can be a real PITA.

This is a meaningful issue to me since I own XP as well as Vista computers. Indeed, I purchased a couple of the XP computers recently, so I’m eligible for a free upgrade to 7. (I bought Vista with an XP “downgrade”, a characterization I might disagree with).

Well, maybe us XP owners can in effect perform an upgrade install to 7 also.

LapLink’s PCmover, per this press release, will support an in-place upgrade of XP to 7:

“When Microsoft® releases Windows® 7, many XP users will have a serious problem – no upgrade path provided by Microsoft to Windows 7.  The new release of PCmover® solves this problem with an option for performing a special "in-place" migration, allowing XP users to perform a full upgrade to Windows 7 with the same result as if Microsoft had provided an "in-place" upgrade.”

This feature matrix compares the two PCmove editions, Professional and Home. Cost is in the range of $40 – $60, depending on which edition or whether you’re buying a Laplink USB cable, or instead using a  Windows Easy Transfer Cable you may already own.

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