Windows 7 RC to RTM Upgrade Doesn’t Preserve All Settings

image Windows 7 RC to RTM – Overcoming 2 Hurdles reported two hurdles in installing Windows 7 RTM as an upgrade on my Viliv X70. However, I didn’t expect any problems after the install completed. After all, the compatibility report during the install didn’t report any incompatibilities.

However, after installing Windows 7 RTM, I had issues. I’m not talking about my personal ones; this isn’t a psychiatric blog. Rather, for example, touching the screen did nothing. And touch wasn’t the only thing that didn’t work.

Fortunately, the issues could be solved easily enough. But apparently the siren song of an upgrade install preserving your settings isn’t always true.


Touching the screen did nothing. The solution was to uninstall and reinstall the touch software. The X70 comes with “Touchside” touch drivers available on the Viliv support site. However, that driver version doesn’t appear to work in Windows 7, RC anyway. Initially I reverted to an older version which for whatever reason did work in Windows 7 RC. Later I upgraded (?) to the eGalax Windows 7 beta driver. Frank Garcia aka CTitanic of UMPC Tips has posted extensively on the eGalax touch screens (see eGalax Touch Screens are not always USB-HID Compliant among other recent articles). Excellent and very useful reading.

But back to my troubles. I uninstalled and reinstalled the eGalax Windows 7 beta driver. Problem solved.


GPS didn’t work either. Reinstallation once again was necessary. Fortunately I had to get GPS working initially so I already knew what to do. I followed the advice in this Pocketable forum thread. The only difference is the COM port is 2 on the X70, instead of 1 as it is in the Viliv S5 that was the subject of the forum thread.

Sleep of Death

I had a lot of trouble resuming my X70 from sleep in Windows 7. Moving the switch to the left sometimes turned it back on. And sometimes it didn’t, even though the HDD indicator seemed active. Also, when I did get the X70 to resume, it took a seemingly long time to get back to my desktop.

By contrast, my S5, which still has XP Home, resumes from standby reliably, and very fast.

I wasn’t sure if this was an XP standby vs. Windows 7 sleep issue? Or an X70 vs. S5 issue? But first I took the tack that it might be a so-called USB sleep of death issue. So In Device Manager, USB controllers, some entries have a Power Management tab. I unchecked "Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power." Problem solved.

Or it was until I upgraded. “Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power” was magically re-checked in a number of USB entries. Of course, I unchecked them.

What Else?

I dunno. I have to go to work to support my gadget addiction. So I haven’t checked everything yet. However, if there are other issues, I anticipate re-installing will resolve it. If not, you’ll hear from me.

4 Responses to “Windows 7 RC to RTM Upgrade Doesn’t Preserve All Settings”

  • Good afternoon Sir,

    Now that you appear to have all your features working under “Win7” would you please place a video of this modded device online please…??? I would really like to see this thing in action.

    I’m mostly interested in how the X70 preforms with the new OS and information whether you feel it is now functional enough to be utilized as a primary personal system. I would like to see how it preforms using Word 2007 and Outlook 2007 as these are applications that I use daily. Also on occasion I have to manage a switch at work, so how useful is it in that environment with and without a keyboard. (BT and USB)

    I hope you can do this. It would be great to see.


    • Norman, as I’ve indicated before, I don’t have a web cam yet to do a video. Re your second paragraph, frankly I don’t notice a huge difference between XP and 7 in terms of performance and functionality. I think the X70 may be marginally faster in XP, but 7 of course has additional features. So either would be a reasonable choice.

  • running the egalax beta drivers as well, win7 pro. does win7 recognize the touch screen and allow you to use the gestures and such? for me, windows 7 actually recognized the device after install, but it could never calibrate it correctly. i then installed the drivers and it calibrated wonderfully, but it’s not recognized as a touch screen so i don’t have access to the fun little gimmicks. would love to have them working :\

    • Adrian, as the UMPC Tips articles reference, the X70 screen is touch, not tablet. So you won’t get those tablet features. It’s just a hardware limitation. UMPC tips has written a lot about this recently.

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