Gadget Overflow

imageUga VII and I have been waiting for the start of college football. The season has finally arrived. But unlike Uga, I’m also dealing with the arrival of gadgets, recent and imminent. We’re talking about MIDs, Bluetooth speakerphones and headsets, and the Zune HD. Read on …

Viliv MIDs – I’ve talked a lot (too much?) here about my Viliv X70. I’ve talked very little about the X70’s little brother (4.8” vs. 7”), the Viliv S5. I’m still learning both devices, and will be talking more about them soon.

Bluetooth Speakerphones – I’m basically happy with my BlueAnt Supertooth 3. Nevertheless, I just purchased the BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone VM-605. I really like it so far. I’ll be writing soon on my comparison of these two premium speakerphones.

Bluetooth Headsets – While I’m happy with my Bluetooth speakerphone(s), sometimes I need a Bluetooth headset instead. I just picked up the newly-released (and highly-touted) Motorola Endeavor HX1 at the local Sprint store. While there, the BlueAnt Q1 gave me a “come hither” look. The Sprint store rep offered 20% off for the purchase of a second device. I needed no further encouragement. Actually, two headset make sense, one for car, one for work. Or so I rationalize. Anyway, I’ll be talking about and comparing these two premium headsets soon.

Zune HD – I’ve already told you I pre-ordered it. The ship date is next Tuesday, September 15. Did I choose next day shipping? Do bears sleep in the woods?

I haven’t been writing a lot because I’ve been working a lot. On top of what I was doing before, the semester started last week. While I enjoy teaching, in particular tormenting my hapless students with my stale, recycled jokes (laugh if you want an A), it still is work, albeit very enjoyable work. Nevertheless, I’ll start writing soon. Promise!

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