Bluetooth and (not or) USB Mouse

imageI use a mouse with my laptops. I could just use the built-in track pad, track ball or pointing stick alone. But they don’t give me a comfortable navigation of a mouse.

But which type of mouse: Bluetooth, wireless with a USB dongle, or USB cable? Each has their pros and cons. USB cable doesn’t require batteries, but the cable gets in the way, and sometimes USB ports are in short supply. USB wireless avoids the cable, but not a USB port shortage, and sometimes the USB dongle interferes with other USB drivers. Also, USB wireless runs on batteries which sometimes give up the ghost on no notice. Bluetooth avoids the cable, and doesn’t use a USB port. But there’s still the battery issue, and sometimes Bluetooth connections are flakey.

If only one mouse could be all three, or at least two of the three. Well, such a mouse is almost available.

The Phillips Bluetooth Notebook Mouse SPM9800/10 is a Bluetooth mouse. It also has a USB cable if your batteries run out or your Bluetooth connection goes South. But the cable doesn’t get in the way while you’re using Bluetooth; the cable is stored within the mouse.

Speaking of batteries running out, the mouse has a battery indicator so you have some warning. Additionally, when the batteries do run out, the USB cable apparently does double duty as a charging cable. Presumably the batteries are rechargeable? 

Additionally, instead of a scroll wheel, this hybrid mouse has a 360° TouchControl sensor that serves as a touchpad. With this sensor, the mouse works without a surface. Convenient on those glass tables. Though I’m concerned whether this touchpad will provide the same degree of control as the traditional scroll wheel.

The mouse is supposed to be available later this Fall for about $80. I may get one of these. Though it may not be so easy as the mouse is being released in “select European markets.”

[via Engadget]

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