Windows Mobile – Waiting for Leo

image I’ve owned many Windows Mobile phones over the years. However, I’m not using one now. One reason is the stodgy OS. That probably won’t change until version 7, which  won’t be available until next year, perhaps late next year. But the other, and main, reason is available WinMo phones lack the specs I want; large screen, powerful processor, and last but not least, a capacitive touch screen. That may change soon.

HTC’s Leo (pictured) may have a strange name, but it has great specs which include my wish list: 4.3” capacitive touch screen and 1 GHz Snapdragon processor! 

One possible problem though. Current specs indicate no US 3GSM. This has been a problem with other recent HTC large screen WinMo phones, including the Touch HD.

But I haven’t given up hope. It’s early yet; no release date has been announced. Other recent HTC premium WinMo phones first targeted at Europe initially lack US 3G but later versions include those bands.

Anyway, you can be sure I will be keeping a close eye on further Leo developments.

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