Archos MID and 4.3” 3.5G Phone

September 15 was Zune HD release day. However, yesterday Archos also was in the news. It announced two new Android devices, a MID and a phone. I’m not blown away by the MID, but I’m very impressed by the phone. There’s also further news about its soon to be released Windows 7 tablet.


Archos 5 Android Internet Tablet

This is a 4.8” (800 x 480) MID with an Android OS and an 800MHz OPAP3440 processor. At first blush, it seems to be a direct competitor to the Viliv S5.

Like the S5, the touchscreen is resistive, not capacitive. Disappointing, since many Android devices sport capacitive touchscreens. However, Slashgear hands-on and video, which has a lot of information, pictures and a video, reports: “the touchscreen lacks a little of the feather-touch precision we’re used to from capacitive displays, but is still very sensitive for a resistive panel.”

This device has WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. However, since the description talks about tethering, it apparently doesn’t have built-in 3G, which is an option on the S5. For more information, see the full specs and these articles from the usual suspects: UMPCPortal, BGR, Pocketables, and jkOnTheRun.

Reading these articles, maybe this tablet isn’t a competitor to the Viliv S5 after all, but instead the iPodTouch? If so, it’s a very different comparison.


Android Phone

Archos Phone Tablet tipped: 1GHz Android 4.3-inch smartphone outs a 4.3” (854 x 480) touchscreen phone with a  1GHz ARM Cortex processor. This seems to be a direct competitor to the HTC Leo. This GSMArena article discusses how the new Android 1.6 Donut OS supports the high screen resolution on this phone. 

There’s not a lot of information yet on this device, which may be officially announced just after the New Year at CES 2010. In particular, it’s not clear if the touchscreen is resistive or capacitive.

This phone has 3.5G HSDPA/HSUPA connectivity. However, it’s unclear is if or which US 3G bands will be supported.

This phone definitely is on my radar screen. Particularly if the touchscreen is capacitive. Then the choice between HTC Leo and this Archos phone may come down to Windows Mobile vs. Android. Nice choice to have to make. 


Archos 9 PC Tablet

This is not a newly announced device. We’ve talked before about this Windows 7 8.9” touchscreen running an Intel Atom Z515 1.1GHz processor. However, Slashgear (them again) has an Archos 9 PC Tablet hands-on with some further thoughts on this device which may be a competitor to the smaller (7”) Viliv X70

I’m also thinking about this tablet, which should be available soon, as the ETA is Fall 2009.

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