Archos Update

image Archos MID and 4.3” 3.5G Phone told you about three upcoming Archos touchscreen devices; 9” Windows 7, 4.8” Android MID, and a 4.3” Android phone.

There’s now more information on two of the devices, the phone and the 9” “tablet.” I’m becoming even more excited about the phone. But I may pass on the 9” “tablet” for the reasons why the word “tablet” is in quotes.  


Archos Android Phone Tablet introduced on video (the source of the picture) has a video of the phone. The video is in French. But hey, you don’t need to know French to watch.

The phone is an impressive device, particularly with a 1GHz ARM Cortex processor. Still a lot of questions though.

Touchscreen is resistive or capacitive? This phone’s main competitor, the HTC Leo (or HD2 as it now appears to be called), has a capacitive screen. 

US 3GSM bands supported? If so, which ones? The HTC Leo reportedly won’t support US 3G bands, at least initially. Disappointing, though not unexpected, given the same was true of the HTC Touch HD. This is a big issue for me. Why spend a lot of money on a premium phone that limps along on EDGE?

Performance? Android hasn’t been a ball of fire on phones. Then again, neither has Windows Mobile, the Leo’s OS. The 1GHz processor certainly will help.

Price? Just curious. Hey, it’s only money, and you can’t take it with you.

Availability? Let’s face it. I want it now!! (If it supports US 3GSM that is). Alas, I’ll probably have to wait for further word until just after the New Year at CES 2010.

9” MID

Archos MID and 4.3” 3.5G Phone also talked about Archos’ Windows 7. 8.9” resistive touchscreen running an Intel Atom Z515 1.1GHz processor. Archos 9 release announced at IDF, October 22nd, $499 tells you the price and release date of the 9” Windows 7 device. Good price and available soon. But I may pass.

First, storage is a hard drive, not SSD. A good SSD makes a performance difference. Also, an SSD’s lack of a HDD’s moving parts makes it more reliable. From what I read, it’s possible Archos may release a later model with an SSD. So this reason may change.

Second, the Archos 9 is not a true tablet, as explained in True Tablets. As explained there, that’s OK with me for smaller screens, like the Viliv S5 (5”) and X70 (7”), but not a larger screen device such as the Archos 9. I doubt any further release from Archos will change this.

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