AT&T 3G MicroCell First Report

imageAT&T 3G MicroCell Femtocell (Updated) told you only 1 week ago that, after seeming eons, AT&T has finally deployed its femtocell, which it calls a 3G MicroCell. I don’t care if AT&T calls it a power toaster; I want it now! But alas, AT&T first is deploying it on a trial basis in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC.

AT&T 3G MicroCell unboxing and impressions is the first in-depth report I’ve seen. Based on this initial report, it’s a winner.

Us poor slobs who don’t live in NC and endure AT&T’s network still have to wait. But maybe not for long. Reports (including from the rep today at the local AT&T store FWIW) are that the 3G MicroCell will be deployed more widely by the end of this year. Bring it on!

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