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imageTrue Tablets explained that several recent touchscreen MIDs and UMPCs — including the upcoming Archos 9 as well as the recently released Viliv S5 and X70 — are not USB-HID compliant. Consequently, even with a Windows 7 (or Vista) OS, these devices would lack tablet features such as an on-screen keyboard in the profile logon screen.

I shared the pessimism of the guru of this issue — Frank Garcia (aka CTitanic) of UMPC Tips – whether a driver update to a non-USB-HID compliant touchscreen could enable tablet features. However, having learned that “never say never” often applies to what’s technically possible, I could not foreclose the possibility (“though this isn’t 100% certain”).

True Tablets was posted only a few days ago. What a difference a day or two makes … 

Non-USB-HID compliant touchscreens have been the focus of the Viliv X70 is not Windows Touch compliant (HID/eGalax) thread on the UMPCPortal forums. Yesterday, one of the forum members, Mongoose (I’m ElJeffe there), advised that he had obtained from Dynamism support a new driver with HID support. CTitanic hosted the driver. I downloaded it, and installed it after uninstalling the prior drivers, rebooting early and often, etc.

Did it work? Yes! Here’s the findings so far:

  • No on-screen keyboard in the profile logon screen – FIXED!
  • no floating tip, or focus on text field after opening tip – FIXED!
  • Tablet PC software missing in accessories (Vista) and not accessible (including Control Panel applets) – FIXED!
  • No Ink support in Office – – FIXED!

Update: Not only do I have ink support in Outlook 2007. I also can use ink Appointment, Contact and Task forms with Tablet Enhancements for Outlook.

True Tablets mentioned other issues. I just haven’t had a chance yet to test some issues (e.g., pen flicks), and other issues necessarily take time to verify (e.g., automatic learning from your handwriting). But all of the issues I did test have been fixed!

True Tablets quoted CTitanic: “Installing W7 in a touch screen device without HID Support does not make too much sense to me because you are missing the best part that W7 brings to these type of devices. Without these features you better stay with Windows XP.” Now there is a point in installing Windows 7. Further, my Viliv X70 now is far more usable, particularly with the ink support, floating tip for text entry, etc.

While I applied this new driver to my Viliv X70, the implications go well beyond this particular device. AFAIK, there’s no reason a similar driver could provide similar functionality to the Archos 9, for example.

Of course, a resistive touch screen can’t provide as good an inking experience as an active digitizer. But there’s no reason why a resistive touch screen can’t be the best it can be. Now it appears the non-USB-HID compliant touchscreens can have the same functionality as their USB-HID compliant touchscreen cousins. Exciting times!

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  • Flicks is a little tricky and depends on other facts. For example, even when I have HID drivers in my P1610, flicks do not work well. I think that has something to do with the amount of contact points detected when you are moving the pen and the speed. When I’m moving to quick the pen basically it jumps from one point to another and that’s not taken as a valid move for a flick.

    Anyway, I’m glad to see that you are a happy camper now.

    • ctitanic, you’re the guy who started this! And I thank you for that. Appreciate your comments re the pen flicking. I agree. There are hardware limitations at work here regardless of how good a driver is.

      I am a happier camper. This HID driver is a major upgrade in how the X70 works. Hopefully there will be a similar one for the S5 soon, as I *think* the X70 and the S5 don’t use the same touch drivers.

  • Hi, I seems to have problem installing the new HID drivers, I uninstall the older touchscreen driver and software, restarted and install the new ones HID_Digitizer_x86_PS2_090918_Beta-NewLogo, reboot after install and the software show no touchscreen device, and the touchscreen in the device manager is shown as Microsoft PS2 mouse, I try to update the drivers and point it to search x32 and v32 DIR with no luck (windows report no hardware driver for this device found)….

    Can you please give some hints and help? example what was it shown in device manager? which driver DIR did you uses?

    Anyway, great thanks, love your site and added to Google Reader!

    • utp, I think I can help.

      My Device Manager also shows no sign of the new driver under Mice, etc. Mine too just shows there a plain old garden variety MS PS2 mouse.

      Instead, look in Device Manager under Human Interface Devices. There should be an entry for PS/2 HID Digitizer Device. That one does reference the new driver.

      I did not do anything special like update driver to put that entry there. I just installed the SW & rebooted (as you did). I also ran the HIDeGalax Touch software and calibrated. After that, everything worked.

      The different placement of the driver in Device Manager may be because this is a different type of driver,

      I hope this helps you. Let me know.

      • Thanks Genghis Khent!!

        I have no idea how I got it up and running, a few install then uninstall plus reboot did the job, I was even at one stage that I can do a 25 pt cal in the cal program, but touchscreen does not work in window, follow by a hang…

        Anyway, yep, it has been done and I am as like you, a happy man with Win7 on X70 with HID!

        I wonder anyone like me facing this problem, I mainly use my X70EX by Portrait mode, but the 5way nav. jog does not rotate as the screen does, I remember I was having the same issue with early win7 build and S5 and Fujitsu U2010 (on U2010 case it was solved, and on S5 case it was sold for X70EX….)

      • utp, glad your driver is now working.

        My screen rotation sometimes is temperamental but seems to work. The trick for me is to push the C button first, before moving the jog dial (or whatever it’s called) one one of the 4 ways. Before I was trying to do both more or less at the same time. That didn’t work so well.

  • ok, will give this trick a try, this look tricky.

    Once again thanks for your help or the driver, it works great on the X70EX!

    • Glad the driver is working. Curious if my suggestion on the screen rotation works for you also. I got to it just through trial and error and dumb luck. Again, I find I can press the C button for several seconds before I move the jog dial one of the 4 directions (but not in).

  • Hi,

    I also tried the driver and got it visible in galaxy config tool, but have no response on touch screen. waht do I need to do?

    • Stefan,

      1. Look in Device Manager under Human Interface Devices. Is there an entry for PS/2 HID Digitizer Device which references the new driver?

      2. Did you run the HIDeGalax Touch software and calibrate successfully?

      3. Did you first uninstall any existing Touchside and eGalax software?

      4. Reboot after each step.

      Let me know.

      • 1. Yes, the driver is present, but under Human-Interface-Device I have 4 entries: 2 times HID-compliant device and once a PS/2 HID Touch Digitizer Device

        under mouse a HID-compliant mouse and a MS PS2 mouse

        2. I have no response from the touch although HIDe GalaxyTouch V2.3.0.2115 does see a PS/2 Touchscreen Digitizer

        any idea?

  • i am using xp…

  • The installation of this driver in Windows XP will not benefit in anyway XP. It´s just a waste of time. This driver will benefit XP Tablet PC Edition, Vista and W7. XP along does not have Touch support.

    • Didn’t SP2 for XP include all of the Tablet Edition features? Or am I misinformed?

      And thanks to all for this ongoing conversation/investigation – as a prospective X70 owner, it’s been incredibly informative!

      • Scott, I don’t believe XP SP2 includes the Tablet PC features.

        You may want to take a look at this blog article:
        Viliv X70 – Upgrading XP Home to Tablet PC Edition without an Install CD

        Alternatively, just wait a few more weeks for Windows 7.

        The new HID driver for the touchscreen finally enables me to use the Windows 7 touch features. I don’t know how it would work with the XP Tablet PC edition. My suggestion is Windows 7.

      • XP SP2 is not XP 2005 Tablet PC Edition. You can hack XP adding the Tablet PC Cab but you will end with a Tablet PC OS what was just the beginning of what we have today. Vista recognition was a lot better than Tablet 2005 recognition and W7 is based on Vista recognition with some tweaks and updates. Definitely the way to go is W7.

  • ok 🙂 so I will wait for W7. W7 doesn’t seem to be that tricky

  • Stefan, being in California, I was sleeping during the last few messages. ctitanic is correct. Use this driver with W7, whose release date is now less than 1 month away.

  • I did install a lited TabletXP 2005 to X70EX (A mate is still running the build on his X70EX now), same issue as the Win7 as not pen device was shown and floating pen tip does not show up.

    But since on WinXP we can do hacks on REG and files to make the floattip and trick the OS to think it has a pen input device, we can live with that, but the hack does not work in Win7, so this driver really helps.

  • Do you think this driver or Win7 will make a speed difference on my X70?

    I received one of the 128GB X70’s with Vista and it is painfully slow and sluggish on most actions from menu selections to ink. It is to the point of being unusable for me.

    Any thoughts? Do your X70’s with Win7 and/or this new driver make the device usable/responsive to you? Have you tried the X70 with vista?


  • Windows 7 is not Vista. Vista was slow in all matters. W7 is a little bit slower than XP but a lot faster than Vista. And yes, I would recommend W7 all the way without any hesitation.

    • Steve, I agree with ctitanic.

      My X70 came with XP, not Vista. I was concerned that the X70, with 1GB RAM (among other factors), would be a dog with Vista. It’s fine with W7.

      The X70 might be a bit peppier with XP than W7. But especially with the new HID Touchscreen driver, W7 makes the X70 much more like a tablet. That’s well worth (to me) any minor performance degradation.

  • Yes! The new driver made a world of difference with Vista! To be clear, I am talking about the lag and sluggishness not to mention the tablet features!

    This makes Vista usable until Dynamism upgrades me to Win 7 later this month.

    You know, I asked Dynamism to exchange my Vista machine for an XP machine because of all if the HID issues and Vista sluggishness but they told me that the 128GB XP machines were a fluke since Microsoft does not allow new XP devices with that large of a HDD. They can not sell the x70 with XP and 128GB HDD anymore.

    I can’t thank you enough.


    • Dynamism’s info seems strange. If I recall correctly,I originally ordered my 128GB X70 with XP. Vista only came into the picture when, for a modest price, they offered an upgrade to Win7 Home Premium that required Vista because of MS. Anyway, W7 will be available soon enough.

      Glad you also have had a positive experience with the HID touchscreen driver. However, thanks should go to mongoose and ctitanic; I only helped by spreading the good news.

  • Everything counts. This has been a team effort. 😉

  • I really want to know does S7 can use this driver to avtivate all touch feature on W7…..
    This is the only reason I’m not buying S7, please help….

  • noted with thanks~
    S10 is target, hope to have more powerful CPU and smaller “frame”…

  • hi guys new here, forums looking good


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