Blackberry Storm 2 Preview

imagephonearena has a pre-production BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 which they have previewed. Lots of pictures, and even a video.

Their conclusion is that the onscreen keyboard is improved. They also think the browser is improved, though still behind competitors like the iPhone. They pan the stability of the device. However, this is a pre-production unit after all. 

Their overall impression is better, but not impressed. My take: Their conclusion is colored (nice word for biased) by their negative opinion of the original Storm ("It would be hard to be worse than the original ….”). But read the article, watch the video, judge for yourself.

Still no firm date as to when the Storm 2 will be available. However, it could be within the next few weeks. Then again, it could be within the next few months. With RIM and its new devices, you never really know.

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