HTC HD2 vs iPhone 3GS


wmpoweruser has an excellent video comparing these two phones. What’s striking is that the HD2, while it has a substantially larger screen (4.3” vs. 3.5”), doesn’t seem to be much larger or heavier than the iPhone 3GS, and indeed is thinner.

The two devices have a number of common features (e.g., Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS). However, the HD2 has more firepower; a much faster processor (1GHz vs. 600MHz) and substantially more memory. The HD2 also has removable storage (the iPhone doesn’t), a removable battery (ditto), camera flash (ditto), and a more powerful cameral (5MP vs. 3MP). The video’s conclusion: the iPhone 3GS is good, but the HD2 is better.

wmpoweruser is a Windows Mobile site. Nevertheless, the video seems reasonably objective, and is an interesting and entertaining 5 minutes.

The HD2 does have an Achilles heel; the rather anemic Windows Mobile OS. Version 6.5 is only an incremental improvement over 6.1. HTC Sense hides WinMo UI issues, but it’s sort of like putting lipstick on a pig. With version 7 still at least months away, the WinMo OS drives some towards the iPhone. In this regard, see Is Windows Mobile’s Death Exaggerated? I bought an iPhone 3GS.


4 Responses to “HTC HD2 vs iPhone 3GS”

  • battery life is not compared besides the platform is only good depending on the amount of developers. I do think having flash on a cellphone is important specially since I am dark skin and I can’t be seen in dark pictures.

  • Battery life is important. For a phone, it has to last at least an entire day.

    If a phone is to have a camera — that’s another issue — then I agree it should have flash.

  • Great write up. The iPhone is truly awesome and I don’t like being without it. This time last year I had jumped in a pool with my iPhone and it was dead. I had to wait 9 days before I was able to buya new one. The phone I had was a cheap go phone. I really love all the games that can be downloaded to the iPhone. The best part about the iPhone to me is the ability to check emails on the fly. Thanks for the information.

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