BlackBerry Storm2 Video Walkthrough

Salomondrin, a growing legend when it comes to previews of the upcoming Storm2 (that’s the name, not Storm 2), has posted a video walk-through (also embedded here) of this soon to arrive device. The video is about 9 1/2 minutes long, but well worth your time if you’re considering the Storm2. The firmware on the device featured in this video is relatively recent, so what you see may be quite close to what you’d get.

What’s different between the Storm2 and the original Storm?

  • The screen is much better integrated with the device; no gaps between the screen and the frame, the buttons are part of the screen.
  • The screen is more responsive; 4 contact points instead of 1.
  • WiFi (where none before).
  • More memory.

Are the differences enough for me to spend the $$ and extend my contract to upgrade? Originally I thought not. But I’m weakening.

[via CrackBerry]

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