HTC HD2 – Which US 3G Bands?

imageHTC Leo aka HD2 Coming to America! relayed Slashgear reports: “HTC CEO Peter Chou has confirmed that HTC will be offering a US 3G version of the HD2 in Q1 2010.” In my giddiness, I didn’t question until later: Which US 3G bands? AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, all of the above?

HTC HD2 confirmed for T-Mobile USA? speculates the answer; T-Mobile USA obviously, given the article’s title. This is a problem for hapless AT&T saps subscribers like me, since T-Mobile USA and AT&T use different 3GSM bands. Sure I could still use an AT&T SIM in an HD2. However, I’d only have EDGE, not 3GSM. Heck, I could do this now with the  European flavor of the HD2.

There may be hope. As the Slashgear article notes: “It’s still too early to say anything conclusive – after all, there may be more than one US HD2 version, and a CDMA model is certainly possible too.”

My dating years have prepared me well for disappointment. But hopefully this will turn out better.

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  • My question is…if anyone knows…if I buy an unlocked HTC HD2 from Europe and use it on T-Mobile now, will it give me 3G or only Edge?

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