Remote Desktop on Viliv X70

image Archos 5 makes a capable client computer shows that you can use this Android OS 5” device to remotely access Windows OS computers. This article gave me the idea of using my Viliv x70 (or S5) to remotely access servers for which I’m responsible.

On the Viliv devices, I can use Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) native to the Windows OS since each has a Windows OS (7 and XP respectively). The Archos 5, having a non-Windows (Android) OS, uses other software. But the result is the same.

What’s neat (to a geek like me anyway) is that I can carry around a small device which, when I’m at the Pleasure Palace working outside of the office, I can use to remotely troubleshoot and solve server problems. No trouble getting a connection. If WiFi isn’t available, the X70 has built-in 3G (as does the S5). Or I can use my own WiFi, my Verizon MiFi. In geek-speak, woot!

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