Future Phones – Large + Capacitive Screens

nokiaN920The Nokia N900 is barely out of the gate and there’s already talk of its successor: Nokia N920 possibly already in the works. The N920 (Maemo 6 OS) is rumored to have a 4.13” touchscreen (vs. the N900’s 3.5”) which is capacitive (as opposed to the N900’s resistive).

Large screens appear to be the wave of the future for high-end phones, regardless of OS. You need look no farther than the 4.3” HTC HD2 (WinMo) and the Archos Android phone (last discussed in Archos Update).

The same may also be true of capacitive screens. The HD2’s screen will be capacitive. Unknown yet if the Archos Android phone will have a capacitive screen, but other, existing Android phones do.

The 6 Things I don’t like about the Nokia N900 states my thinking also: “I’m reaching the end of my patience with resistive touchscreens now …. A glass-covered capacitive screen is the only way forward for a 24/7 device. Especially an expensive one.”

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