Planned Storm2 upgrade has hit the Sholes?

image The Motorola Sholes that is. OK, admittedly a bad pun. You get what you pay for.

Back to the Sholes. Or Droid (as in Android, its OS). Motorola Droid hands on! tells us the OS version will be 2.0 aka Éclair, recently previewed by BGR. BGR also confirms the screen will be capacitive. Woot! BGR doesn’t report the screen size, but previous reports were 3.7”. Not as large as some of the 4+” devices we’ve talked about, but large enough, and perhaps more pocketable.The processor is not the Qualcomm Snapdragon, but instead a perfectly decent alternative, the TI OMAP3430.

Best (for me), the Sholes is coming to Verizon. So I could upgrade to the Sholes instead of the Storm2. Hence this post’s title.

The rumored release date of October 30 is only about 2 weeks away. However, I suspect a release around Turkey Day may be a better bet.

Will I spurn the Storm2 for the Sholes? Dunno. First, I don’t yet have enough information on Sholes. Second, I’ve never owned an Android OS phone before, whereas I’m very familiar and comfortable with the Blackberry OS. Yet, all things being equal, a 3.7” screen is far more attractive (to me) than a 3.25” screen.

So even if I could upgrade to Storm2 tomorrow, I wouldn’t. Instead, I’d wait until I had more solid information on the Sholes. Besides, what would I do with two Verizon phones, a Storm2 and a Sholes? That would be ridiculous! Right? Right?

And not to complicate matters … but there’s also the rumored HTC Dragon. Also an Android OS, perhaps a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a larger screen like the HTC HD2. Little further information at this time. But if the rumors pan out, the Dragon may (transitioning from bad puns to bad alliteration) put the Sholes in the shade.

Yes, you can wait forever for the next great device. But as long as I’m reasonably happy with my Storm –– on which I just loaded the latest OS 5.0 hybrid – I don’t mind waiting -– a little bit anyway.

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