Dithering between the Storm2 and the Droid

imageAlmost one year ago, on November 21, 2008, I bought the Blackberry Storm, naturally on its very first day of availability on the Verizon network. I’ve enjoyed the Storm. Nevertheless, during the past months I’ve been looking forward to the Storm’s new and substantially improved successor, the Storm2.

Verizon will give you a discounted upgrade after one year, assuming your account is in good standing (as mine is since my wife pays the bills). Verizon’s release of the Storm2 now is only days away; perhaps as soon as October 28. Further, Verizon customer service, knowing a sucker good customer when they see one, graciously agreed to accelerate my upgrade eligibility date from November 21 to today. So I’m writing to tell you that I’m ready to pounce on the Storm2, right? Well, not exactly.

Planned Storm2 upgrade has hit the Sholes? told you about my dithering between the Storm2 and the Android OS Motorola Sholes, which also is being released by Verizon in the coming weeks.  BGR’s Motorola Droid Preview is the first definitive information I’ve seen on the Sholes, which apparently instead may be called the Motorola Droid. Indeed, the naming is confusing, since according to Engadget Mobile, “Droid is the brand name being applied to Verizon’s Android devices. It isn’t a single phone… The Sholes — the phone we’ve been calling the Droid so far — may simply be known as the Droid.” Huh?

But what’s in a name? More important is what’s in a device. And BGR is impressed. But then again, the Storm2 also is an impressive device. So what’s the difference?

The Droid has a 3.7” (854 x 480) touchscreen and a slide-out keyboard. The Storm2 has a 3.25” (480 x 360) touchscreen and no slide-out keyboard. Yet the larger, more pixel-dense keyboard doesn’t seem to translate to correspondingly larger dimensions. Similarly, the slide-out keyboard doesn’t seem to add significantly to thickness or weight. Comparing the Droid Specs with the Storm2 Specs, the two devices are almost the same size and weight (which the picture above from BGR’s preview bear out as to size):

  Droid Storm2
Dimensions (mm) 115.8 x 60 x 13.7 112.5 x 62 x 13.9
Weight (g) 169 160

Geez. All other things equal, I’d rather have a larger touchscreen with a higher pixel density. Most probably would view a slide-out keyboard as a bonus, though I’d probably opt out if I had a choice.

Of course, all other things are not equal. Build quality concerns aside (since they’re currently an unknown), one obvious difference is the OS. The Storm2 has a Blackberry OS, the Droid an Android (duh) OS. I’m not sure how to assess this difference. I’ve owned several Blackberry OS devices (dating back to the 7290) over the last several years. I’ve never owned an Android OS device. I’ve seen a few, such as the T-Mobile G1. However, the 2.0 version in the Droid is supposed to be leaps and bounds better than the prior 1.x versions I’ve seen.

So what am I going to do? I dunno. I’m definitely going to read more reviews as they come. Hopefully, I’ll be able to play with both devices when they arrive at the local Verizon store, where I’ve already spent so much money (Storm, MiFi, accessories) that they may build a statue of me in front. I plan to take my time on this decision, especially since I’m pretty happy with my Storm with its pre-official (but soon to be official) 5.0 OS. So I’m sure you’ll be reading more about my dithering decision-making. Though I can hear Obi-Wan Kenobi telling me: “These are the droids you are looking for.”

3 Responses to “Dithering between the Storm2 and the Droid”

  • I purchased my first Blackberry a couple of months ago (the Tour on VZW) and I have been very disappointed with it. Ideally, I would have an iPhone, though I am not willing to switch to AT&T. VZW did not have any other phones I was interested in (the Storm feels like the same device to me with a touch screen), so I was ready to hunker down and play the waiting game for either the Palm Pre, or for hell to freeze over and for the iPhone to come to VZW. The news of Droid coming next week to VZW has made me feel like a kid knowing that I will soon be able to open my Christmas presents.

    I thought about the Storm 2 for about a minute, however, the decision between the Storm II and the Droid was simple for me:
    – Blackberry OS seems very antiquated. It reminds me of working with Pocket PC 2000. Android is going to have a built in GPS application, and somehow I am just not convinced that the current BB OS could support a program with similar capabilities.
    – The web browsing experience on a Blackberry is terrible. I feel like I am surfing the web on my 14.4 modem with Netscape version 1. Pages do not render properly and you can not even use tabbed based browsing unless you download the beta of Mobile Opera. Android has a real web browser!!!!!
    – Blackberry OS does not have out of the box Exchange Server support, while Android 2.0 does.
    – I have been very unimpressed with the quality and availability of apps for the Blackberry. Android already has a large number of applications and I am convinced the number of quality apps will continue to grow. Android is already on T-Mobile and coming to VZW and AT&T.
    – The usability seems much better on Android 2.0 VS. BB OS.

    With all of that said, I am actually OK with not having the iPhone now. I’m looking forward to using a more open platform (Android is open source) vs.the tightly controlled Apple iPhone OS. The large number of available apps might mean I might be able to play WMV, DIVX and other video formats on my Android.

  • Within hours of DROID’s arrival, I cashed out my RIMM stock.

    For nearly a decade, I was a die-hard crackberry addict. No More.

    While everyone is asking “Is this the iPhone killer?” I’m telling you, it’s a laptop killer…

    Is there anything the DROID won’t do? I’m blown away. Speechless.

    The Storm and Storm2 were a tremendous mistake for RIMM. Even the Phone didn’t work properly.

    A month ago, I was about to jump ship at Verizon. Today, I’m SO glad I didn’t. DROID is a computer with a phone…it even changes the channels on my TV; I can watch solar activity much less videos (which the Storm2 could barely handle).

    Storm won’t run very few apps if any. You will spend all your time, closing apps, pulling the battery and cleaning memory.

    Save yourself the stress, get the DROID! I am so glad I did!

  • I really love my Motorola Droid, it’s awesome!

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